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Environmental protection

As a responsible business, Perenco recognizes the need to conduct its activities around the world with minimal impact on the environment and to exceed the high standards required by today's oil & gas companies wherever they operate.

In Peru oil and gas activities are today strictly regulated by the Hydrocarbon Law (see document on oil and gas activities legal framework in Peru). This regulatory regime controls all aspects of oil and gas activity, in order to limit any socio environmental impacts. Before any  activities are conducted, a Socio Environmental Impact Study has to be performed under the supervision of the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) (see MEM document on Environmental Impact Study). This process involves a phase of field data acquisition called Base Line, a consultation of the communities of the area of influence and the determination of the procedures to apply in order to mitigate possible socio environmental impacts.

The DGAAE (Bureau of Energy Environmental Affairs) is the technical agency of the Ministry of Energy and Mines, in charge of proposing and evaluating the legislation aimed to preserve and protect the environment related to the development of the energy sector.  (See in this article further information about DGAAE's activities. Source: Per├║Ambiental Magazine, year 2010)

OSINERGMIN is the supervisory agency of the hydrocarbons activities in charge of controlling and supervising the energy sector. It is also responsible for supervising the compliance of the environmental regulations. See in this article an extract of OSINERGMIN's role and objectives. Source: Gas & Negocios Magazine, year 2010).

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